Children's Classes - 2017 - 2018

Boys and Girls ages 5-7                   
Beginner Ballet - A fun introduction to ballet skills emphasizing basic movements and terminology, balance, flexibility, body alignment, musicality and expression.  Please note that this is a structured class with specific goals for your child's development and is not a play group.  Parental observation is not permitted except on designated observation days.  This class meets once or twice a week.

Beginner Ballet Ballet (ages 5-7)

Tuesdays- 3:15- 4:10 PM
Fee: 50.00/month 
Dress Code: yes

Saturdays - 10:00 -10:55 AM (this class is full as of 8/5/2018)
Fee: 50.00/month
Dress Code: yes

Twice a week 90.00/month

Please send a waterbottle to class with your child.

Girls hair should be in a bun or similar style.  
Please leave all jewelry and toys at home.
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     Beginner Ballet Dress Code

Girls hair should be in a bun or similar style.  Please leave jewelry at home.  Tutus and costumes are not appropriate for class.

Please note that there is a 45.00 Registration Fee for all new students which includes the appropriate dance wear required for the class.