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Not all ballet training is the same
The difference lies in the goals of the training.  If a dancer wants to dance as a career the training is different to that of a dancer who wants to participate in a recital or competition.

    The dancer who wants a career must learn to perform  and extensive and demanding vocabulary of steps with skill and expression.  These steps are derived from a complex 500 year old tradition.  Training usually begins around the age of 8 to 12 and requires 8 to 10 years to complete.  It is a long slow process requiring hours of daily practice for which there is no off season.

The recreational dancer may spend several months learning a few  steps and more months practicing a routine.  Steps are taught to meet the demands of the choreography.  The development of the dancer's coordination and the logical sequence of skill development is ignored meaning there is a point beyond which the dancer cannot progress should he/she so desire.  Additionally, artistry is compromised as the expression required for a show stopping routine is limited.
Is the director and principal instructor at Danse Sedona.  She also serves as a rehearsal mistress for the Sedona Chamber Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. 

She began her teaching career at Memphis Academy of Ballet, the official school of the Tennessee Ballet, over 40 years ago. She has also served on the facalty's of Yavapai College and Prescott Valley Academy of Classical Ballet.

Ms. Quillian brings a wealth of experience to dancers of all ages and is committed to the cultivation of young talent.  Her former students have gone on to perform with such presigous ballet companies as:  The Royal Danish Ballet, The Royal Dutch Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, and Ballet Arizona .
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Patricia Quillian

Ms. Quillian's former students have been accepted into ballet educational programs such as:  Kirov, DC, The Rock School, Virginia School of the Arts, and State Street Ballets "Smart Artist Program".

She is the former director of Omni Dance Company and High Desert Dance  Company.

Ms. Quillian danced with the Tennessee Ballet  in Memphis, TN, undder the direction of George Lattimer, in ballets including:  The Nutcracker, Firebird, Our Town, Carmen and others.

A one hour ballet class is an equivalent workout to four quarters of football.
For every class a dancer misses it takes two to catch up.
It takes 8 to 10 years of daily training to become a ballet dancer and there is no off season.  It is comparable to training an Olympic athlete.