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​Spring 2019 Class Offerings
 Classes for Boys and Girls (age 5-7)
   Beginner  Ballet
   Saturdays 10:00-10:55 am
   Dress Code: yes
   Fee:  55.00 per month or 20.00 per class

   A fun introduction to ballet skills emphasizing basic movements and terminology, balance, flexibility, musicality and expressiveness.
Please Note:  this is a structured educational program with specific goals for your child's development.  It is not a play group. 

 Parental Observation is not permitted except on designated Observation Days
Classical Ballet Technique (ages 8-25)
Ballet I
4:15-5:10  Tuesday and  Thursday (both days required)  Dress code.
Fee:  110.00 per month.  Single class by permission: 20.00

Ballet  II/III
4:15-5:10  Monday, Wednesday and Friday (3 days a week required)  Dress code.
Fee: 125.00 per month​.  Single class by permission: 20.00

Ballet IV/V/VI
5:15-7:10 Monday, Wednesday and Friday (3 days  per week required)  Dress code.
Fee:  150.00/ month.  Single class by per mission:  40.00

Teen/Adult Ballet
​Teen/ Adult Ballet  (Barre only)

6:00-6:55 Thursday​
11:00-11:55 Saturday
Fee: 60.00 per month for 1 class per week
        110.00 per month for 2 classes per week
        Single Class:20.00

no dress code
Additional Class Offerings
Stretch and Conditioning for Dancers and Athletes 
Suitable for Ballet I and up as well as teens and adults

5:15-5:55 Thursday
Fee:  40.00 per month or 15.00 per month when combined with other Danse Sedona classes 

Privates:  TBA,  70.00 per hour