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Danse Sedona Policies

Registration Fees:  There is a 25.00 (35.00 family) registration fee for incoming  students.  Registration fees reserve the students place in class as we limit our class sizes in order to provide the best instruction.  

Class Fees:  Class fees may be paid by cash, check or via PayPal invoice.  We do not accept credit cards.  We offer three payment options:

Payment Option A:  10 monthly installments.  Monthly installments are due on the first of each month and are the same regardless of the number of classes in the month as the fee is averaged over the course of the 10 month program.

Payment Option B:  2 installments.  Due on the first day of class in August and January.  Save 5%.

Payment Option C:  10 month program paid in advance.  Due in August prior to the first day class.  Save 10%.

Class fees are not refundable, under any circumstances, and we do not pro rate or refund for any class the dancer may miss  instead the student may arrange to take a makeup class at a different time within the same month as the absence.

Late Charges:  Monthly installments are subject to a 10.00 if paid after the 10th of the month.

Returned Check Fees:  A 35.00 fee is charged for any check returned due to insufficient funds.

Refunds:  Registration and class fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

Attendance:  Danse Sedona teaches a structured curriculum and missing classes means missing the introduction of new steps and techniques.  This puts the student behind and delays the progress of the entire class.  It is also important for our dancers to maintain their physical conditioning.  The rule of thumb is for every week a dancer is out of class it takes two weeks to catch up physically.  Be aware that ballet uses muscles in ways that most sports do not.  Do not assume that other activities will provide adequate cross training.  If you must be absent please notify us via e-mail at [email protected]

Illness:  please do not come to class if you have a fever or have a contagious illness.

Prolonged Absences and Dropping in and out:  Dropping in and out of our program is strongly discouraged.  Dancers who take a leave of absence or who leave to take in another program will be re-evaluated upon their return and will be assigned to the most appropriate class.  This is to ensure that those who are not seriously committed do not derail the progress of our continuing dancers.

Making up missed classes:  Classes must be made up with in the same month as the absence, or be forfeit, and must be taken out side of the students regular class.  Make-up classes may be arranged with the instructor.  

Advancement:  Students do not automatically advance to the next level at the end of the year.  Emotional maturity, physical development, comprehension, competency of step execution, correct body alignment, comprehension of step vocabulary, and adequate body strength may necessitate two or three years at any given level. 

Holidays and Inclement weather closings:  Danse Sedona is closed for Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving through the following Sunday,  the week between December 24 and New Years Day,  MLK Day, and Presidents Day.  These closings are factored in to the class fees and are averaged across the year.  Summer Session is treated separately from the Academic Year please consult the summer schedule for further information.  Danse Sedona will follow  the Sedona - Oak Creek School District's inclement weather closings including early dismissals.

Insurance and Injuries:  Danse Sedona does not provide medical/accidental insurance for students.  The family's insurance is expected to cover students in case of accident or injury.  It is understood that  the student's own policy is their only source of reimbursement.

Drop-off and Pick-up Time:  Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to class and pick up your child no later than 10 after your child's class.  Danse Sedona is not a babysitting service and cannot be responsible for the safety and welfare of your child outside of class.  Please escort your child to and from the building.  Children will not be permitted to wait out side for pick-up.

Parental Observation:  Parents and visitors will not be permitted to observe class during regular class times except by prior arrangement or on designated observation days.